Making the World happier

Why us

Neumette has changed the giving paradigm. As opposed to using the cause to raise awareness on behalf of the recipient, we encourage the recipient to let their story raise awareness for their cause. Donors are connected to the entire story from beginning to end.

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What we achieved

Our impact


Renovations Completed

Our team of volunteers and invited experts completed more than 30 renovations in many states of the US. It allowed to improve the quality of medical service throughout the country. We have received hundreds of testimonials.


ADA Vehicles Purchased

Lots of families and institutions are in need of specialized vehicles for disabled people and we have supplied some of them with latest ADA vehicles. They are designed to ease the life of our recipients and enable them to move easily.


Pieces of Medical & Therapy Equipment Provided

It’s no secret that medical institutions and individual patients around the US need medical and therapeutical equipment, and that’s what we regularly help them with.

Making the World Happier

What we do

We help children not only in the US but also all over the world. Our volunteers support them, providing deprived teenagers and smaller children with:

  • Fresh food
  • Clean water
  • Clothes
  • Educational materials & toys

Our parents need to be supported just as they gave us their help when we were younger. We understand it well, and that’s why we offer:

  • Residential Care Services
  • Long-Term Care
  • Community Care and Support
  • Social Security Programs