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Our Charity Fund unites businesses and charities to make the life of orphaned children and people in need of support a lot easier. We help people all over the world providing them with food, water, clothes, education, medical equipment, medicine, and other necessary resources.

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Whether you want to fundraise for us, volunteer for us or just choose one of the many ways to donate, your offer of help will be received with open arms. The only people more grateful to you than the team at Neumette, will be the people whose lives you’re about to improve - significantly.

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Our partners in business and charity

Featured partners


Cliffview Ltd. is concentrated on building a financially inclusive world, with access to economic opportunity for all, by giving everyone the financial tools they need to improve their lives.

John Luigi

This organization transforms lives by educating people who want to make a difference about the realities of poverty and connecting them with opportunities to help children.


Jacksons Charity is helping deprived, excluded and vulnerable children have the capacity to become young adults and leaders who bring lasting and positive change to their communities.


Jefferson Charity Organization works with partners to eradicate hunger and poverty and promote peace and justice among the world's most vulnerable people.