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You have the best volunteers

I spent the last weekend in the local hospital and unfortunately, I had no one to support me or order something to eat because everyone at the hospital was busy. I am very grateful to your volunteers that they made my stay at the local hospital so interesting and comfortable.

Carl McAllister

11 years old

Thank you for the new toys and computers!

It’s great that we finally have new toys and computers at our kindergarten. Every time I come there I know that my stay won’t be so boring as it was before because I enjoy playing with what your volunteers presented us. They are also very funny people and I like to play with them when they come to us.

Jane Peters

12 years old
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What our children say

Olivia Christensen

15 years old
I have been taking part in Neumette’s Talented Children program since 2010. Their volunteers helped me find a new school and a child center, where I live now. Thank you Neumette!

July Smith

14 years old.
I was born and raised in a poor region of Seattle and my family couldn’t find me a good school. Thanks to your volunteers, I have found new friends and a place to study.

Sara Gibson

13 years old.
I live in an orphanage with low water quality. Your volunteers do a great job providing us with fresh water, food, books, and toys. I’m glad you have such friendly people in your team.
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Successful stories

During their visits, the volunteers of Neumette are able to make children relax and feel happy, taking their mind away from the hospital environment they are in and creating smiles which parents treasure.We feel very fortunate that they are able to visit the LA Children's Hospital and always look forward to their visits.

Patrick Pool

Head of LA Child Center